Coatings Applicator Adds New Layer of Safety and Cost Effectiveness with Farr Gold Series

Impreglon UK
Tamworth, United Kingdom


Impreglon UK is a globally renowned industrial applicator of fluo- ropolymer coatings and thermal spray coatings. Their systems, experience and high level of service all support customers‘ surface technology requirements in many industrial sectors. These include aerospace, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, food, oil and gas.

The existing dust extraction systems in Impreglon‘s production area were no longer keeping up with the increased level of business so a decision was made to replace them.


Camfil APC was recommended to Impreglon based on their worldwide reputation and expertise in dust extraction equipment. The aim was to provide a safe and cost-effective dust extraction solution.

Two Farr Gold Series industrial dust collectors at the Impreglon factory.

The GS48 and the GS12S installed outside the factory providing more space, less noise and a cleaner working environment.

The solution proposed by Camfil APC had to handle the demanding requirements of Impreglon‘s applications, as well as being ATEX compliant.

The solution provided by Camfil APC comprised of two of their state- of-the-art Farr Gold Series® dust collectors.

A model GS12S dust collector was provided to control the dust from a lathe. A GS48 dust collector was installed to provide extraction from a large booth where Impreglon sprayed aluminium and zinc by way of arc wire, plasma and flame spray methods.

To ensure ATEX compliance, the dust extractors were installed complete with vertical discharge explosion relief panels and flame retardant HemiPleat Gold Cone filter cartridges.

The HemiPleat® Gold Cone filter cartridges offer high efficiency filtration, extended filter life and easy maintenance.

Impreglon is committed to being an environmentally friendly company. Therefore, the fans on the dust collectors are fitted with variable speed drives to minimise energy consumption and further improve filter life.

The customer is pleased with the new installation, which meets their sustainability requirements for a low impact and energy saving solution. Furthermore, this assists in providing their employees with a safe working environment as well as an efficient and low maintenance dust extraction system.

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