Don't Let This Happen To Your Clean Air System

Quantun Metals, Inc.
Lebannon, OH, USA


Quantum Metals, in Lebanon, Ohio, purchased a Camfil APC Farr Gold Series® in 2001. The original filters lasted until recently. Quantum Metals chose to purchase an aftermarket version of Gold Cone™HemiPleat® filters. While inexpensive, the aftermarket filters did not last more than two weeks before malfunctioning. Camfil APC worked with Shelby Fuchs of the Ohio-based company to rectify the situation with Gold Cone™ HemiPleat® Filters.


Fuchs contacted Camfil APC when the second round of aftermarket filters failed. The aftermarket filters could not withstand the pressure from the pulsing of the Farr Gold Series®. Nylon straps which hold the filter together came off and the filter paper became unglued. Flanges were warped, seals ruptured, and bottom pans separated.

Not all aftermarket filters cannot withstand the power of the Farr Gold Series® dust collector cleaning system.
Not all aftermarket filters cannot withstand the power of the Farr Gold Series® cleaning system.

A second round of aftermarket filters was installed to replace the first set. These filters again did not last more than two weeks before breaking down. When the GS filter compartment was opened, one of the aftermarket filters had come off the track and was lying sideways in the dust collection unit, dramatic evidence of its catastrophic failure when installed in the Farr Gold Series.

Dust, residue, and other debris were floating in and coating the entire factory. Anything the unit had collected was expelled back into the factory with the failed aftermarket filters. Quantum Metals was left with a mess to clean and decisions to make about dust collection filters.

While the Farr Gold Series® was working perfectly, the aftermarket filters inside were not. Quantum Metals made the decision to contact Camfil APC in order to get their GS16 working at top capacity. Camfil APC worked with Fuchs beginning in September of 2008 and by the end of the first business day, a quote was made, and an order for Gold Cone™ HemiPleat® filters was placed. With the new filters in place, Quantum Metals has not seen any problems and the GS16 is again running smoothly, as it did with the original, long-lasting, filters in place. 

The dust collector's filter pleats are plugged full of dust.
These filter pleats are plugged full of dust.


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