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Cabinetec is a manufacturer of quality framed and frameless box cabinetry. This large operation produces cabinetry in ten different wood species, which was also producing a substantial amount of wood dust in the air. Cabinetec had a limited amount of area in which to place a dust collection system that would handle their operation.


Mark Swaim of Swaim and Associates went in and looked at the area, in which he placed a GS96 collector for the customer. This was all done without the time and costs of demolition to place a collector on site, as quoted by competitors. This GS96 had the capabilities of handling the 60,000 CFM @ 18” s.p and an air to cloth ratio of 1.92:1. The collector size accommodated the customer’s needs and now keeps their location free of the wood dust, while keeping the customer running efficiently. 

GS96 on a wood application at Cabinetec in St. Geroge, UT.

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