Farr Gold Series® Collecting Food Dust is Food for Thought

Food Processor


A high quality, Canada-based wholesale manufacturer of French-Oriental style cake and pastry desserts that are shipped all across North America to restaurants and stores was in need of a dust collector. This dust collector needed to collect flour, sugar, baking and dry mix dust from ingredients being dropped in mixers, augers and bin dumpers.

The airborne dust that is created is light, fine and has explosive properties. Some of the other problems with the dust other than it having explosive properties are the employee’s health and safety, product cross contamination, equipment problems and failures. The dust collector that was being used was undersized, filter life was very short, unit was cheaply manufactured and performed poorly.


One of the biggest accomplishments is the owner said that “The employees are very happy and don’t have to wear dust masks any longer! Our waste is down substantially as well.” The successful installation of the GS16 was able to be done while working around the infrastructure and without disrupting production and the workflow food environment. The GS16 is operating 7 days a week with two shifts efficiently at 8750 CFM @ 11” SP, and the filters haven’t needed to be replaced! That leaves a sweet taste in the customers mouth.

Farr Gold Series model GS16 outside of pastry producer collecting a variety of food dust.


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