Farr Gold Series - Cutting the Dust in Exhibit Works

Exhibit Works, Inc.


Exhibit Works, Inc. is a global face to face exhibit and event company that manufactures transportable display booths. Their wood working application consists of CNC machines, beam saw, two Altendorf saws, two stop table saws and a chop saw. The amount of wood dust in the air was a concern for the customer and city guidelines needed to be met. Exhibit Works turned to Swaim and Associates to find them an application that would effectively benefit their application and eliminate all safety concerns.


Mark Swaim of Swaim and Associates presented a GS16 to the customer with the capabilities of handling the 10,000 CFM @ 17” s.p. and an air to cloth ratio of 1:1.82 with a temperature of 70 degrees. Upon review of the Farr Gold Series dust collection system, the customer was sold and now operates effectively in the wood working process with ease. This unit was placed and built for the customer to be able to make future expansions within their company and continue to run in a dust free environment. 

Farr Gold Series GS16 at Exhibit Works in Winston Salem, NC. on a wood application.

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