Farr Gold Series® Finds a Home in Blasting Application

A Government Affiliated Agency


A government affiliated agency needed a unit for a blasting operation that lacked a dust collector. The blasting application consists of blasting plastics, sponge rubber, and garnet with grit. The agency’s maintenance department initially made contact with Camfil APC through a trade magazine.

Dust collector cartridge access door platform
GS96 Cartridge Access Door Platform 


Scot Soncrant, Camfil APC sales representative for Air Improvement Resources, Inc., worked with the agency’s maintenance department to determine what unit would work best for this blasting application. A demonstration unit was brought on trailer to the agency and the maintenance department realized the ease of the maintenance of the Camfil APC product. Soncrant helped develop the specs for the custom unit. The unit now has no internal bearings on the auger for dust disposal, it has an abrasion resistant inlet, and Rhino-lined baffles.

Farr GS96 industrial dust collector on a blasting application

The new unit also includes a catwalk that takes into account a future Farr Gold Series unit addition, thus the catwalk has been made extra wide with a common walkway area. Along with the catwalk, a monorail system was designed and installed to lift cartridges up and down the catwalk. A quick change-out for the exhaust fan was planned, and it is fork-lift friendly. An extra fan was ordered and can replace the current one in three hours to minimize downtime. Other collectors on-site include three Wheelobrators and two Torits. The Torits currently are retro-fitted with Camfil APC filters. The maintenance department expects to replace the Torits soon, and the specs for the newest collector onsite were written to be favorable to FARR products.

Farr GS96 dust collector on blasting grit, garnet, plastic and sponge rubber
GS96 on blasting grit, garnet, plastic and sponge rubber