Farr Gold Series® for a New Filter Paper Production Facility

GE Healthcare


When the GE Healthcare group decided to relocate their Whatman filter paper manufacturing business to south Wales, they decided to install a new high efficiency dust control system to keep the factory clean and to protect operators from the very fine, hazardous glass micro-fibre that some of their filter papers are manufactured from.

The new system would provide extraction from various machines in the manufacturing area including trimmers, die cutters and packing machines.

After careful consideration they selected Camfil APC Farr Gold Series dust collectors for the project as they offered the best solution, with exceptionally high filtration efficiency combined with ease of installation and simple maintenance.

Two GS12 dust collectors were installed outside the building and connected by systems of ducting to the machines within the manufacturing area. Airflows are monitored by pressure sensors and the fans controlled by inverter drive systems to ensure that extraction rates remain consistent, providing high levels of protection for the operators.


To save on heating costs, GE Healthcare wanted to recirculate the air back into the building during the winter months. As the operator exposure levels for the glass micro-fibre have to be kept to an extremely low level, the Farr Gold Series collectors were fitted with integrated HEPA filters. These ensure that the smallest of particles are removed before the air is returned to the manufacturing area.

The systems were installed and commissioned in early 2010 and have been running efficiently ever since.


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