Farr Gold Series® for Cast Valves Manufacturing

Terrill Bros. Ltd


Terrill Bros. Ltd. is a well established company with foundry operations specializing in high alloy steel in the South West of England. They manufacture cast valves for a variety of applications including the oil and water industrial sectors.

Their previous dust extraction system, serving their grinding and fettling booths, comprised of 3 old dust collectors each fitted with 20 filter cartridges and individual fans.

There were issues with the old system including high noise levels and frequent cartridge changes. Considerable power costs were also a factor as the three individual fans were using excessive amounts of energy.


Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC), dedicated industrial dust collection experts, was contacted by Terrill Bros. in order to provide a solution to address their concerns. After careful analysis Camfil APC developed a solution tailor made to the customer’s requirements. The solution was based on replacing the old dust collectors with a state-ofthe- art Farr Gold Series dust collector complete with a new fan and control system.

The new system comprises of a GS12 Farr Gold Series cartridge dust collector and floor mounted CF16.5 fan incorporating a 15kW motor. In addition the fan is fitted with a discharge silencer to reduce noise levels.

The system is controlled by a new variable speed control package ensuring that the fan runs at the correct speed to maintain the optimum performance. This variable speed drive coupled with the low pressure drop of the HemiPleat cartridge filters has provided Terrill Bros. with an immediate saving on their energy costs.

A Farr Gold Series® GS12 dust collector located at Terrill Bros. Ltd., in Hayle, Cornwall, UK.


Terrill Bros. installed the system themselves in June 2012 utilizing the detailed Camfil APC installation guide provided with every order. They are delighted with the performance and operation of their new system.

Phil Harvey, maintenance manager at the Hayle foundry, highlighted that they chose Camfil APC due to its impressive customer service, as well as the massively reduced running costs and low noise levels. Phil concluded by mentioning that the system‘s strength is in the fact that, “it’s built like a tank”.


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