Farr Gold Series® Puts on a Coating That Sticks

Dolphin Coatings
Miranda, NSW, Australia


Dolphin Coatings experienced a fire at their company, losing their existing cyclone system which left the customer in need of a complete filtration system that not only removed dirty air but also filtered the air before it was placed in the atmosphere. The main problem was with the sizing required by the booth manufacturer, who required 12,000 m³/h and lack of floor space. This powder coating spray paint booth was in definate need of a quality system built to last.


Kevin Kelly of Sydney Metal Fabrications went in and offered the Farr Gold Series using our HemiPleat® cartridges. This solved the issues of smaller footprint, meaning that we would use less floor space in the factory, a issue that the competitor could not. The Farr Gold Series also gave them the filtration they wanted, as opposed to the previous cyclone, which had no filter. The ducting and fan that were installed also met the mandatory requirements set by the booth manufacturer. Dolphin Coatings can now operate efficiently and breathe friendly without any concerns.

Farr GS4 dust collector at Dolphin Coatings.
Farr GS4 dust collector at Dolphin Coatings.
Powder-coating spray paint booth
Powder-coating spray paint booth


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