Farr Gold Series® Sparks Improvements for Electronic Component Manufacturer



Vishay is one of the largest manufacturers of semiconductors and passive components in the world and has several plants spread across Americas, Europe and in Asia including India. In India, Vishay Components have been manufacturing these electronic components with a manufacturing set up that included thermal spray booths with Torit dust collectors imported from Europe.

Vishay used two Torit models — 3DF 36 C-R dust collectors — for their two metal spray booths for spraying zinc and aluminum, and a local unknown dust collector for their epoxy coating application. Vishay was concerned with two main issues: dust spreading in their thermal spray and epoxy coating booths; and higher emission levels, which the old dust collectors were not able to handle to Vishay’s satisfaction. This is when they approached Camfil India in January 2012 for a possible solution.

Both Farr Gold Series GS 32’s in place after replacing Torit dust collectors at Vishay Components.


Camfil India and Camfil APC Malaysia cooperated in this project with India as the sales and marketing front and Malaysia as the technical front. After a series of surveys and presentations, Vishay placed an order for two GS 32’s (for the metal spray booths) and one GS 6 (for the epoxy coating machines) complete with explosion vents and mechanical isolator dampers in October 2012. They reached the customer in January 2013 from Jonesboro plant. In addition to the new Camfil dust collectors proposed, the entire ductwork was replaced, designed by Camfil. The dust collectors were installed and commissioned in June 2013 under Camfil APC Malaysia’s supervision.

Notable improvements documented by Vishay include:

  • Decreased (nearly eliminated) spread of dust in booths due to suction velocities being nearly doubled; cleaner booths and rooms; happier employees.
  • Lowered energy costs due to energy efficient 10 HP motors for blowers instead of 20 HP motors which the Torit collector had.
  • Very low noise of the dust collector in operation, as compared to when the Torit system was in operation.


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