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Western Forge


Western Forge is a manufacturer of pliers, adjustable tools, wrenches and chisels for Craftsman Tools and Home Depot. Their operation runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In November 1999, they decided to either upgrade or replace their existing dust collector due to poor performance in collecting dust from the grinding, buffing and polishing of carbon steel.

At the time, they had one Camfil APC Tenkay 12D and one 20D installed and operating very successfully. Also installed were some competitive units, but operating at an unacceptable performance level.


Camfil APC sales representative Environmental Air Systems reviewed their complete operation and determined that the best option was to replace the existing dust collector with the Farr Gold Series GS36 (rated for 25,000 CFM at a 1.54:1 A/C ratio).

The Farr Gold Series GS36 replaced a poorly performing competitor unit.


The Farr Gold Series unit continues to perform well and this customer is happy. Western Forge chose to continue with Farr due to the performance of the existing Farr Tenkay “D” units versus our competitor’s failures. In November 2000, Western Forge showed their confidence in the Farr Gold Series by installing a GS24 on a similar steel grinding application.


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