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Lapeyre Stair
Harahan, LA, USA


Lapeyre Stair designs and fabricates metal stairs, alternating tread-stairs, space saving stairs, face forward descents and work platforms. Their innovative technology process of designing and manufacturing these products created the need for a dust collection system that could meet Lapeyre Stair’s work load and quality standards. After the competitor’s collector went up in flames, the customer was left having to rent a dust collection system that was costly and could not keep up with production demand.

GS12 dust collector at Lapeyre Stair in Harahan, LA on a metal shot blast application.
GS12 at Lapeyre Stair in Harahan, LA on a metal shot blast application.


Mike Dahmer of Industrial Air Solutions went in and visited with the staff at Lapeyre Stair. He assessed the customer’s needs and they were set up with a GS12. This dust collection system was equipped with an explosion vent, sprinkler system and the capabilities of handling 5,000 CFM @ 12” s.p with an air-to-cloth ratio of 1.28:1. The Farr Gold Series has far surpassed the customer’s expectations, from long filter life to quality efficiency. This system will be around for the long haul and not leave the customer in a cloud of dust or smoke!


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