Railcar Repairer Stays on Track with Farr Gold Series®

Midwest Railcar Repair, Inc.


Midwest Railcar Repair, Inc. has been servicing the railroad industry for nearly half a century. Pride and workmanship are the foundation of the company. By performing all railcar repairs and maintenance in-house they are able to get high quality jobs done quickly. Being a one-stop shop for railcars requires a large facility with a variety of equipment and machinery being used at the same time. Welding, grinding, and plasma cuttingwere constant processes being used.

Maintaining a clean working environment for the employees and the work being produced has always been top priority. To prevent dust or fumes from being an issue, company president David Smook started researching online for a solution. The large size of the railcars and facility made the search challenging. A variety of dust collection offerings were available from various style dust collectors to numerous small collectors being placed from the ceilings throughout the facility. These options added their own maintenance and upkeep issues.

Farr Gold Series GS72 dust collector installed at Midwest Railcar Repair on plasma cutting, grinding, welding and carbon arc gouging application.


David Smook, president of Midwest Railcar Repair contacted Camfil APC after an internet search. Camfil APC dispatched Greg Schreier with Glacier Technologies to the job site. Greg consulted with local area dealer Jon Ladwig, of Ellingson Plumbing, Heating , A/C and Electrical to set up an on-site meeting. After reviewing the processes, facility and other factors, an appropriate solution was provided. A Camfil APC Farr Gold Series® GS72 with 100,000 CFM would be the answer.

The dirty air would travel through large ducting to the dust collector located outside. An added bonus of this design was having the clean air being distributed back into the plant during the winter months to help reduce heating and energy costs. Having one GS72 collector located outside has saved valuable interior room and made preventive maintenance simple and efficient.


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