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CFP Qualitech


CFP Qualitech in Trois Riviere, Quebec is a trade school center providing professional educational training in areas like welding, which lead to the school’s need for dust and fume collection. The welding department was producing welding fumes from multiple source capturing points, requiring more filter area thus a lower air to cloth ratio and exhausting to the outside of the building, which was a significant heating energy cost and very un-eco friendly to the school and their surroundings.


Mr. Dany Dontigny, Mr. Gilles Laurendeau and Mrs. Sonya Marchand of the engineering firm Dessau Inc. along with Jean-Paul Fournier of Cometal Drummondville went into CFP Qualitech and addressed their issues with a GS32 and a GS108 dust collection system. The GS32 is equipped with the capabilities of 23,500 CFM at 11”w.g., the GS108 with 78,000 CFM at 11” w.g. A 75hp motor fan was placed on top of the GS32 and the GS108 was supplied with a 200HP remote mount fan. The units were also equipped with the following components: special integrated control panel, drop out box to handle sparks, high efficiency fire retardant cartridges, safety monitoring filters and platform and ladder. These units have been installed at the school since March of 2008, successfully running with original cartridges still in place. 

GS32 and GS108 at CFP Qualitech in Trois Riviere, Quebec, Canada.

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